Oh yeeeaahhhh!

So…the important milestone in the Testicle Tuesday story. We got confirmation this week that my HCg has returned to normal after the surgery, so they got it all. Oh yeahhhh! Woop! Woop!

Better still histology proved, although made up of 3 types of Testicular cancer, it had not grown to the point of trying to roam around. So as classified a low risk T1 tumour, I don’t need to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Just close surveillance by the Endeavour Unit at James Cook Hospital for some time to come.

Most important were the Oncologists observations that by being a Vigilant teSte and identifying an issue, then acting on it immediately, the extraction successfully removed the threat.

I want to thank my three gorgeous girls, family and friends, colleagues and followers for their love, care, messages and support in the last few weeks. Also thanks going out to the North Tees Urology team, James Cook’s Oncology team and Dr Barnsley at the Shinwell Medical Group for their quick actions and support.

This important message has clout. Let’s get it out! Share this news and share the message….

Love em! Check em! Keep em!

The campaign goes on so more blokes can be saved!