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I sing the praises of Movember and my Oncologist tributes their education resources to my quick action and diagnosis. This lead to me kicking cancer in the nuts at stage 1 and not needing further treatment.  This year I am doing Movember again and Captaining The SXMoC. The team of champs from You can […]

Oh yeeeaahhhh!

So…the important milestone in the Testicle Tuesday story. We got confirmation this week that my HCg has returned to normal after the surgery, so they got it all. Oh yeahhhh! Woop! Woop! Better still histology proved, although made up of 3 types of Testicular cancer, it had not grown to the point of trying to […]

Results time!

So this is where we are after today… As far as the docs can tell, it hadn’t spread. Now we just have to wait on new blood results from today to check they didn’t miss any, then onto Oncology at James Cook Hosp to decide if I get 2 chemo sessions as is common practice […]

Today was an awesome end to a long week

Well today I was rendered speechless. My partner in geekery Luke popped over tonight for a catch up and fetched a Testicle Tuesday Ball branded box full of cash from a collection at the office. Wow! Humbled much!? Then he added that it included two Quantum veteran’s (Andy and Daz) leaving pots, they had requested […]

About the Testicle Tuesday campaign

Our Testicle Tuesday campaign promotes regular self checking of men’s love spuds with the hope of saving lives by finding any problems ASAP and getting to a Doc to be checked over.   The more people see our posts and our media posts then the more lives we can save. So please share the poster […]

Operation week. Prep for extraction.

Between seeing the Urologists on Monday and my surgery on Friday went pretty quickly with a couple of key dates. Tuesday was the pre-assessment. This was pretty run of the mill apart from having to Google parts of my medical history on my phone for the nurse doing the assessment 😛 Thursday was a fun […]

The day surgery was arranged

The day that it was confirmed by Urologists and a swift surgery was decided upon was a bit of a whirlwind… Starting with Gwyn and I being at Peterlee Community Hospital with one Urologist, then to be sent to North Tees Hartlepool University Hospital to then be examined again by his boss. Both of us […]

The beginning of Testicle Tuesday

Hi, I’m Steve Whiteoak. On the 9th of May 2013 at 11.43, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. This blog follows the journey of me, my wonderful family and as we work together to kick Cancer in the nuts and use the power of the internet to save as many others as we can along […]