I sing the praises of Movember and my Oncologist tributes their education resources to my quick action and diagnosis. This lead to me kicking cancer in the nuts at stage 1 and not needing further treatment. 

This year I am doing Movember again and Captaining The SXMoC. The team of champs from

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Here are some growing stimulating vitamins for you Mobros out there.

Vitamin A: This vitamin stimulates the production of sebum, which keeps your hair follicles and skin hydrated—important for keeping hair healthy looking. You can find it in eggs, meat, cheese, liver, carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, and dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C: Not only is it good for boosting your immune system, it keeps your hair and skin healthy too. Citrus is the standby for natural vitamin C, and you can also find foods such as green peppers, dark green vegetables, potatoes, and tomatoes rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin E: This has long been recognized as key for healthy skin, and can increase blood flow—leading to an optimal environment for hair growth. Foods rich in vitamin E include oils, leafy vegetables, nuts, and beans, and most people get plenty of vitamin E when eating a normal diet. Topical applications can also be beneficial.

Vitamin B3: This also helps boost circulation, which may have a positive effect on hair grown. Reports find that B3 is even more effective when taken with biotin. You can find vitamin B3 in beef, chicken, fish, and wheat germ.[4]

Vitamin B5: Also known as pantothenic acid, B5 not only helps the body use fats and proteins, necessary for healthy hair, it also has been reported to help reduce stress; and stress can definitely inhibit hair growth. It occurs naturally in brewer’s yeast, broccoli, avocado, egg yolks, organ meats, duck, milk, lobster, whole-grain breads, and more.

Folic acid. This vitamin can help promote thicker hair, and is necessary for the growth and repair of hair. It can be found in whole-grain breads and cereals, leafy green vegetables, peas, and nuts.

Biotin: Increase your biotin intake. Biotin is an important water-soluble B vitamin, necessary for the the formation of fatty acids and glucose, as well as for metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates. A biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, so making sure you are getting the recommended amount is well worth the effort. Normal recommended daily amounts of biotin range from 30 to 100 mcg.


Hospital information exchanges. Warning: Graphic content

Today we were at the hospital for a review appointment and after a quick call to the medical illustrations department we met a member of their staff in a corridor (it was all rather James Bond). Quick proof of ID and I was handed a CD.

This CD contained the photos of the removed testicle from my surgery.

Although you can’t see the tumour itself it is against a measurement scale and when you bear in mind that the size of the tumour, when measured for histology, was 4cmx3cmx2cm, no wonder it hurt. Youch! My eyes water again just thinking about it.

We have hidden the images (and changed names) to protect the innocent. *chuckle*
Click to see the photos

What to take away from this

If you have pain in your groin. Do not ignore it. Get it checked by your doctor pronto. Check your self every Testicle Tuesday. 90 seconds to save your life is too good an offer to refuse.

This isn’t Mission Impossible, but this post will expode in 3 seconds for dramatic effect…

Oh yeeeaahhhh!

So…the important milestone in the Testicle Tuesday story. We got confirmation this week that my HCg has returned to normal after the surgery, so they got it all. Oh yeahhhh! Woop! Woop!

Better still histology proved, although made up of 3 types of Testicular cancer, it had not grown to the point of trying to roam around. So as classified a low risk T1 tumour, I don’t need to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Just close surveillance by the Endeavour Unit at James Cook Hospital for some time to come.

Most important were the Oncologists observations that by being a Vigilant teSte and identifying an issue, then acting on it immediately, the extraction successfully removed the threat.

I want to thank my three gorgeous girls, family and friends, colleagues and followers for their love, care, messages and support in the last few weeks. Also thanks going out to the North Tees Urology team, James Cook’s Oncology team and Dr Barnsley at the Shinwell Medical Group for their quick actions and support.

This important message has clout. Let’s get it out! Share this news and share the message….

Love em! Check em! Keep em!

The campaign goes on so more blokes can be saved!

Results time!

So this is where we are after today… As far as the docs can tell, it hadn’t spread.
Now we just have to wait on new blood results from today to check they didn’t miss any, then onto Oncology at James Cook Hosp to decide if I get 2 chemo sessions as is common practice with the types of cancer they found in the Histology. Yes that is plural there were 2 types in the same tumour. Not content with a straight shot, my nut was mixing up a cocktail. What’s all that about?

But super happy with today’s progress though!

Today was an awesome end to a long week

Well today I was rendered speechless. My partner in geekery Luke popped over tonight for a catch up and fetched a Testicle Tuesday Ball branded box full of cash from a collection at the office. Wow! Humbled much!? Then he added that it included two Quantum veteran’s (Andy and Daz) leaving pots, they had requested be added to the Testicle pot….Ste=rendered speechless.

:we’renotworthy: :we’renotworthy:

The money will be used to further the Testicle Tuesday awareness campaign and Team W can’t thank the generous peeps of the HP Peterlee MoJ support teams enough.

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There’s a lotta love for the balls!
Share the love!
Together we can kick cancer in the nuts!!

Looking for more tumours – The Search For Spock

Right then Testicle Tuesday followers – Most of the bruising is now gone and the scar site has healed nicely on the outside. Still blooming sore in places though. Looking forwards, the histology from the removed Testis has been sent to the Oncology department at the James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough. Meanwhile to give them as much info as possible ‘The Search For Spock’ ramps up in an hour with a full body CT Scan looking for other tumours. Thought for the day…How come Nil By Mouth instructions always make you so hungry when normally you wouldn’t be?

About the Testicle Tuesday campaign

Our Testicle Tuesday campaign promotes regular self checking of men’s love spuds with the hope of saving lives by finding any problems ASAP and getting to a Doc to be checked over.


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Operation week. Prep for extraction.

Between seeing the Urologists on Monday and my surgery on Friday went pretty quickly with a couple of key dates.

Tuesday was the pre-assessment. This was pretty run of the mill apart from having to Google parts of my medical history on my phone for the nurse doing the assessment 😛

Thursday was a fun day…prior to running around making the sure the girls were going to be okay for the next few days, dropping a deposit in the sperm bank was first job of the day. We turn up early in the morning to the Assistive Reproductive Unit at Hartlepool and then are given lots of awkward questions covering all the ‘what ifs’ in the next 10 years. Then sampling time. By this point the Road Trip scene is all that was going through my head. But good news partners get to help at Hartlepool’s unit! Surreal yes but job done. Got a call within the hours to say I had banked 8 viles of quality goods. Bonus!

The day surgery was arranged

The day that it was confirmed by Urologists and a swift surgery was decided upon was a bit of a whirlwind…

Starting with Gwyn and I being at Peterlee Community Hospital with one Urologist, then to be sent to North Tees Hartlepool University Hospital to then be examined again by his boss. Both of us in a daze but glad that something was being done. The North Tees Urology team are a bunch of lovely people and made sure we knew exactly what was going on even though they could tell we were in shock and merely along for a horrific thrill ride at that point. They kept asking us if it was okay for us to be here at this time; there at that time. Our response was always the same, “whatever needs to happen then we will be there…just get it out”. I was in excruciating pain after being examined twice quick succession and we were both emotionally exhausted, having to write down everything in lists and schedules. On the way out the department’s specialist nurse, Sandra, took us aside and calmly went through everything to check we were really okay with it and compared schedules from the phone calls we had received through the day.

To add insult to injury having two urology surgeons tell you that your soon to be remaining Lone Ranger is “small and flabby” ….Whoa fellas. Talk about kicking a guy in the nuts while he’s down!? Sheesh!

The beginning of Testicle Tuesday

Hi, I’m Steve Whiteoak.

On the 9th of May 2013 at 11.43, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

This blog follows the journey of me, my wonderful family and as we work together to kick Cancer in the nuts and use the power of the internet to save as many others as we can along the way.

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