Hospital information exchanges. Warning: Graphic content

Today we were at the hospital for a review appointment and after a quick call to the medical illustrations department we met a member of their staff in a corridor (it was all rather James Bond). Quick proof of ID and I was handed a CD.

This CD contained the photos of the removed testicle from my surgery.

Although you can’t see the tumour itself it is against a measurement scale and when you bear in mind that the size of the tumour, when measured for histology, was 4cmx3cmx2cm, no wonder it hurt. Youch! My eyes water again just thinking about it.

We have hidden the images (and changed names) to protect the innocent. *chuckle*
Click to see the photos

What to take away from this

If you have pain in your groin. Do not ignore it. Get it checked by your doctor pronto. Check your self every Testicle Tuesday. 90 seconds to save your life is too good an offer to refuse.

This isn’t Mission Impossible, but this post will expode in 3 seconds for dramatic effect…