The Happy Accident – How I found my Cancer

Monday 29th April 2013 – It was a bit of a fortunate accident. Basically it came to light after I got in the car a bit quick and trapped my left nut in my jeans leg, as you do.

I drove to work and by the time I got there, the pain was pretty intense and quite nauseating.

I went to the gents and had a little investigate and soon found my left testicle to be rock hard, like a, well a nut!

I called the GP and made an appt for that afternoon for whichever doctor would see me soonest getting an appointment for that afternoon.

Then he had a feel and his jovial cheeky ‘honk honk, let’s have a goosey’ dropped to the worst attempted poker face in the world.

He said he would arrange an urgent ultrasound to rule out anything nasty and gave me some lairy anti-biotics to get any infection kicked out of the equation.