Operation week. Prep for extraction.

Between seeing the Urologists on Monday and my surgery on Friday went pretty quickly with a couple of key dates.

Tuesday was the pre-assessment. This was pretty run of the mill apart from having to Google parts of my medical history on my phone for the nurse doing the assessment 😛

Thursday was a fun day…prior to running around making the sure the girls were going to be okay for the next few days, dropping a deposit in the sperm bank was first job of the day. We turn up early in the morning to the Assistive Reproductive Unit at Hartlepool and then are given lots of awkward questions covering all the ‘what ifs’ in the next 10 years. Then sampling time. By this point the Road Trip scene is all that was going through my head. But good news partners get to help at Hartlepool’s unit! Surreal yes but job done. Got a call within the hours to say I had banked 8 viles of quality goods. Bonus!