The day surgery was arranged

The day that it was confirmed by Urologists and a swift surgery was decided upon was a bit of a whirlwind…

Starting with Gwyn and I being at Peterlee Community Hospital with one Urologist, then to be sent to North Tees Hartlepool University Hospital to then be examined again by his boss. Both of us in a daze but glad that something was being done. The North Tees Urology team are a bunch of lovely people and made sure we knew exactly what was going on even though they could tell we were in shock and merely along for a horrific thrill ride at that point. They kept asking us if it was okay for us to be here at this time; there at that time. Our response was always the same, “whatever needs to happen then we will be there…just get it out”. I was in excruciating pain after being examined twice quick succession and we were both emotionally exhausted, having to write down everything in lists and schedules. On the way out the department’s specialist nurse, Sandra, took us aside and calmly went through everything to check we were really okay with it and compared schedules from the phone calls we had received through the day.

To add insult to injury having two urology surgeons tell you that your soon to be remaining Lone Ranger is “small and flabby” ….Whoa fellas. Talk about kicking a guy in the nuts while he’s down!? Sheesh!